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Katherine uses a rehabilitation approach to treating Back Pain & Neck Pain. The emphasis is on finding a resolution to the pain and dysfunction. 93% of all back pain is termed Simple Back Pain. This is mechanical in nature and can be greatly alleviated by a course of Physiotherapy.

80% of people in this country will develop Back Pain at some point in their lives and a few people will go on to develop chronic back pain at huge social and emotional cost to themselves and the people around them (Bartley, R. 2001).

The vast majority of these people can be taught how to manage their back pain and can resume normal lives. Katherine has testimonials to prove that those people who seek her physiotherapy treatment and actively participate in their mobility and strengthening exercises will exhibit a much greater understanding of what constitutes the maintenance of a healthy back and will achieve a good recovery.

No GP referral required. Just telephone 020 8545 0965 for an appointment.