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    Watkinsphysio has worked closely with Rugby clubs at both league and tournament level. This pitch side expertise is invaluable when a quick and accurate diagnosis is crucial to the appropriate care and treatment of the athlete.

    More recently Katherine Watkins has worked with international amateur and professional tennis players at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships and with county players at Eastbourne. This style of physiotherapy has to be immediately effective to enable the player to continue in the tournament. It is an immensely rewarding aspect of the work of Watkinsphysio and one which broadens and consolidates expertise.

    The bulk of the work of Watkinsphysio occurs within a Dance setting where the majority of injuries tend not to be traumatic, but are cumulative. We see many examples of muscle imbalance and overuse type injuries. The skill is to accurately diagnose, treat and start the dancer on a rehabilitation programme immediately so that no time is lost through missing class. We work very closely with technique tutors, exercise physiologists and psychologists to attain peak performance.

    This variety of work is both stimulating and continually filled with opportunities to develop new and more effective treatment techniques.Katherine treats all sports injuries at the Wimbledon clinic. She specialises in biomechanics and functional alignment and always uses these tools in her physiotherapy rehabilitation protocols.

    Knee Injuries, Hip Injuries, Foot Injuries, Back Injuries, Neck Injuries, Shoulder Injuries.

    No GP referral required. Just telephone 020 8545 0965 for an appointment.