Our Vision And Values

We aim to get (you) (our patients) better so that (they can lead positive and confident lives) (you can lead a positive and confident life).

We will do the right for you and will go above and beyond to make everyone feel special.

We are totally professional on every level and treat you how we would like to be treated

We are accessible to you; if you don’t understand, please ask. We give you as much
information as we can so that you feel confident to take independent action.


Why Choose Us

Whether you love walking the dog or running a marathon and everything in between, we are here to keep you moving. Feel better to live a positively active life, guided by physiotherapists you can trust to take you from injury back to activity. Feel confident that you will be fully and professionally supported every step of the way. Feel special and cared for with our team of friendly, approachable physiotherapists. And when you are back doing what you love, you will have learnt so much more about how your injury
occurred and how you can prepare and improve.

What to Expect

1. Arrive – Familiarise yourself with how to get to the clinic (Map and transport routes on a click button) (I will provide these separately)

2. Feel comfortable – Wear comfortable clothes to your appointment (picture of person in comfortable clothes). Arrive on time (picture of a clock). Picture of welcoming receptionist.

3. Be prepared for a full clinical assessment – we will ask you your medical history and any medication that you are on and ask you about your current condition.

4. Receive a treatment plan – Diagnosis, goal-setting and action plan for recovery.

5. Feel better – with hands on treatment, goal setting and an exercise programme.

6. Feel supported – with ongoing reviews to keep you on track.

7. Feel informed – with detailed explanations of your condition and how it can improve


Feel confident

Feel confident that you will be fully and professionally supported every step of the way. 

What Our Clients Say

Wimbledon Physio

"Thank You for the brilliant job you’ve done- I feel I’ve improved massively since starting with you. "

- Peter S

Thank you Katherine! I went to see Katherine after experiencing sharp pain in one of my knees. She was brilliant in guiding me through diagnostic (turned out I had Chondromalacia patellae) and helping me rebuild strength to be able to race again. It was a long and tricky recovery, but the efforts paid off and Katherine’s support was amazing.

- Laurent J

A truly gifted Physio! Katherine has been my go-to Physio for a number of years. She has an incredible insight to the workings of the human body and her intuitive way of working has me quickly back on track with an understanding of how I can help myself with whatever was going on that made me go see her in the first place! I love the way she approaches whatever ‘problem’ I present with in a whole system way. That’s rare. And that’s why I value her so much.

- Laurent J

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