About Nutrition

Losing weight will lead to pain reduction in conditions such as osteoarthritis especially those affecting the knees and the back. Even losing 5kg can reduce some of the pain experienced. We know just how difficult it is to lose weight and that it is even more difficult to keep the weight off and not to get into a cycle of yoyo dieting. For this reason we have teamed up with Second Nature, a nutritional support programme delivered through the Second Nature app which gives you the support you need to build and maintain healthy habits in the long term.

What to Expect

  • You receive support from a health coach on a daily basis
  •  It avoids restriction and calorie counting, instead it focuses on building a healthy relationship with food
  •  It is backed by the NHS and used across the UK
  •  The video provides an overview of what Second Nature

By using the link below to join you will receive 50% off your first month’s subscription Katherine Watkins – Referrer Page (

What Our Clients Say

Wimbledon Physio

"Thank You for the brilliant job you’ve done- I feel I’ve improved massively since starting with you. "

- Peter S

Thank you Katherine! I went to see Katherine after experiencing sharp pain in one of my knees. She was brilliant in guiding me through diagnostic (turned out I had Chondromalacia patellae) and helping me rebuild strength to be able to race again. It was a long and tricky recovery, but the efforts paid off and Katherine’s support was amazing.

- Laurent J

A truly gifted Physio! Katherine has been my go-to Physio for a number of years. She has an incredible insight to the workings of the human body and her intuitive way of working has me quickly back on track with an understanding of how I can help myself with whatever was going on that made me go see her in the first place! I love the way she approaches whatever ‘problem’ I present with in a whole system way. That’s rare. And that’s why I value her so much.

- Laurent J