1. I had been treated by Katherine several years ago for a painful shoulder problem which she helped me fix so after getting sudden severe pain in my left calf muscle I didn’t hesitate to contact her again. I was worried I might have damaged my Achilles tendon or even have a DVT. She very quickly diagnosed a neural problem and proceeded to get to work on my neck. After three visits I am seeing a big improvement. She has prescribed some exercises to help me so now it’s up to me to keep to them. Katherine is a lovely lady who is very easy to talk to and obviously a very talented physiotherapist. I can recommend her and the Back On Track clinic without any reservations.

    Top class physiotherapy - David L.

  2. After a session with Katherine I had a three hour walk with a pain-free knee for the first time for several months! Using her professional expertise, she is very careful to establish exactly where the problem lies. She gives excellent treatment, delivered in a very friendly and caring manner, and provides exercises (with video examples to show how these should be done) to continue the treatment.

    Walked Away Pain Free! - Claire F.

  3. I was diagnosed with a bilateral CAM impingement a few years ago which was very painful. It was progressively getting worse which forced me to stop all physical exercise. I even started to retrain for a career change to a less physical job as multiple physios and 3 surgens said that hip surgery is the only real solution. Katherine has an amazing understanding of her field and in a few sessions identified muscular imbalances and under developed muscles around my hip. Together we managed to trace back mistakes I made in previous training and gave me exercises to reverse the imbalances previously identified. I can only recommend Katherine as she really tried to understand my problem as well as its cause and focused on finding a longterm solution that didn’t include surgery. I’m often pain free and able to exercise again as long as I stick to the exercise routines as its still work in progress. I’ve made more progress in the last 14 weeks than I did with others in the 2 years prior.

    Helped me where others could not 10/10 - Fabian S.

  4. Katherine first helped me to get ready for my first marathon run in 2019. She was able to make a quick, thorough assessment highlighting my weak ankles and provide an all round exercise programme tailored to myself to help strengthen my ankles and whole body. In only a couple of months, that is all I had, I was fit enough to be a finisher!! I recently turned an ankle badly and Katherine immediately assessed the problem, massaged the tightness out and gave me exercises to do. She is extremely professional, really knows her stuff, friendly and encouraging. A lot is covered in 1/2 hour session which seems to finish quickly. I highly recommend her services.

    Highly professional and personable - Karen R.

  5. I’ve been a distance runner for many years and so, over the years, have had numerous injuries and trips to the physio. Katherine is easily the best I’ve been to. I’ve needed treatment from her on 4 or 5 occasions over the last 10 years or so. She is meticulous in assessing and understanding the problem and its underlying causes. The treatment she provides, including the programmes of exercises, has always been helpful and effective. Above all, she is very positive and pragmatic, which includes telling you what you might not want to hear, and she understands how much you want get running again!

    Highly Recommended - Simon C.

  6. Katherine was recommended to me following a very painful onset of sciatica, seemingly induced by simply sitting badly on a wooden chair while working from home during the lockdown. This was a frightening experience for me as I was unable to contact my GP, and so unable to get any medical advice. Katherine was an immediately reassuring presence. As well as being hugely knowledgeable, she has a deep understanding of how individuals’ problems develop in the first place, and tailor-made a patttern of exercises for me to use which enabled me to regain some control of my situation. She helped me to understand how I was developing these issues and to work to combat them in a long-term and manageable way. Meetings being online have been no issue whatsoever for me. Katherine has also been a friendly and supportive, kind presence through what was for me a frightening situation and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I will always turn to her with any future problems of this type.

    Hugely positive experience - Dyana S.

  7. Best physiotherapist I’ve ever used and just as effective in virtual consultation. Katherine is highly qualified and experienced, and combines a friendly, relaxed manner with great intelligence – listening to descriptions of my pain and getting to the heart of the issue. She solved lower back pain issues I’d had for years by diagnosing where my muscles, posture etc weren’t working correctly, and helping me see how working on specific muscles would tackle this. Other physios have relied on standard procedures which may not fit, eg ultrasound or acupuncture. Her approach is more holistic - understanding how the muscle groups are interacting, and working to get the balance right. I now have a range of exercises to use, to strengthen weak areas and loosen up tight muscles. I feel confident I’m in control of the pain and it’s in my hands to tackle it if it recurs. Since then I’ve had a problem with a knee and needless to say I’ve gone back to her as I have great trust in her abilities.

    Best physiotherapist I’ve used - Peter S.

  8. Katherine Watkins is arguable the very best Physiotherapist in London. Her assessment skills are second to none and therefore her treatment is always “spot on”. I have been a professional dancer for more than fifty years and as such have had a variety of injuries requiring treatment. I have seen many physiotherapists during that time but Katherine is the best. I have been treated by her for the last 15 years despite the fact that she practises I’m West London and I live in East London. It is well worth the journey to receive reliable treatment. I can highly recommend her.

    Best physiotherapist In London - Peter C.

  1. I went to see Katherine after experiencing sharp pain in one of my knees. She was brilliant in guiding me through diagnostic (turned out I had Chondromalacia patellae) and helping me rebuild strength to be able to race again. It was a long and tricky recovery, but the efforts paid off and Katherine’s support was amazing.

    Thank you Katherine! - Laurent J.

  2. My son had a complicated and painful back injury caused through tennis and growing. Katherine successfully diagnosed all aspects of his injury and worked carefully and thoughtfully with him through several sessions. She was immensely thorough and outlined what he needed to do at each stage. She built great rapport with him and he was able to understand fully what he needed to do and what she would do to help him to get better. He has been able to return to full competitive tennis and is more aware of how to prevent future injuries occurring. He has been pain free for a number of months now. Katherine is one of the best and I have recently needed to seek her advice for myself and once again she has delivered a first class service. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

    Back Pain Miracle - Helen G.

  3. I have been receiving treatment from Katherine Watkins over a period of years to manage and develop a treatment plan for a complex injury and pain condition. Katherine has an excellent balance between high level clinical skills and an empathic approach which has helped me to manage pre and post surgery. I came to Katherine with a desire to improve my situation at a time where it ‘felt like’ other professionals had given up due to the complexity of my situation. Katherine has been an invaluable source of support and has provided much needed consisitency and treatment which has enabled me to move towards recovery. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

    A highly committed and professional physiotherapist.

  4. Katherine has been my go-to Physio for a number of years. She has an incredible insight to the workings of the human body and her intuitive way of working has me quickly back on track with an understanding of how I can help myself with whatever was going on that made me go see her in the first place! I love the way she approaches whatever ‘problem’ I present with in a whole system way. That’s rare. And that’s why I value her so much. I’ve received a professional service on a achilles rupture during the past 4 months and recently had a review from a specialist doctor who reported that I was functioning at a much higher level than one would expect with my injury and that the physio therapy at back on track has enabled me to be at this stage and should continue for my full recovery. I would recommend back on track to anyone who has suffered a injury and is committed to recovering quickly.

    A truly gifted Physio!

  5. After visiting numerous physios, sports physios, NHS, etc, I came across Katherine. She was quick to diagnose my rare chronic condition and advised me on how to improve it and with it, my general well-being.Katherine is patient and encouraging and can quickly identify what the root of the problem is and why it has occurred. Her experience and genuine kind demeanour gives me confidence to trust in her advice and her methods. Katherine also knows how to work around a painful area, avoiding pain when possible. Furthermore, regular visits have enabled me to go from pain relief to pain management and improve weaknesses during exercise. I’ve been visiting Katherine for almost three years and her help has literally improved my life. I strongly recommend Katherine without any hesitation, simply the best around and a great person!

    Best Physio for miles - Mario K.

  6. I hope you are doing well! Just to give you a quick update - I've done quite a few 5k runs and even a 10k and no hip pain at all! The exercises are definitely helping keep it loose, so thank you!!

  7. Hi Katherine, I just wanted to write to thank you! I've been doing my exercises in earnest this week and can really see the difference. I've also been trying to run again at lunchtimes so it breaks up the day. I don't suppose you often hear feedback so I just wanted to let you know how helpful your input is. I've also recommended you to a friend of mine who may well be in touch.

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